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Top 21 Tech Devices for Growing Cannabis at Home

If you plan on growing your own cannabis at home, then there are quite a few things that you will need. Growing cannabis indoors requires you to have quite a few items, and yes, it all starts with some good cannabis seeds.

With that being said, many of the things you might purchase from your local grow shops are likely quite basic in nature. Keep in mind that here we are really talking about how to grow marijuana indoors, and yes, we want only female plants!

However, there are also some really useful tech devices that you can use to for growing cannabis at home. Technology and science have come a very long way over the past few decades, and you would be very wise to take advantage of them.

With all of the different tech devices for growing cannabis at home that we’re about to discuss below, you can make your life a whole lot easier. The devices we’re about to discuss below will allow you to control the cannabis growing environment much more carefully along every step of the growth process.

Although some of the items we’ll discuss below might not seem super high tech, they can still come in very handy in one way or another. Let’s get to it and take a look at the top 21 tech devices for growing cannabis at home.

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the different possible tech devices that you can use to successfully grow cannabis at home. These are all of the things you need to grow cannabis plants at home.

1. High-Quality Grow Lights for Good Cannabis Plants

One of the tech devices that you will certainly need to grow some cannabis at home is a high-quality grow light, which could be an LED light, an HID light, or any other type of major grow light available. Personally, we recommend going with LED lights, as these tend to produce very good yields, they don’t give off much heat, and they aren’t overly expensive very well.

Where the high-tech part comes into play is when you get LED lights that allow you to adjust between different wavelengths or light spectrums, mainly blue light and red light.

Cannabis plants require different types of light at different growth stages, and being able to switch between the different types of light will go a long way in producing healthy cannabis plants and big yields. Indoor cannabis plants need really good lights. Fluorescent lights, high pressure sodium lights, LED grow lights, and high intensity discharge lights are all good options as your disposal.

2. Smart Pots

Another so-called high tech investment worth making when it comes to growing cannabis is the smart pot. As opposed to regular pots which are usually made out of plastic, and don’t allow for any kind of air or moisture exchange, smart pots are made out of fabric or canvas, and this can greatly benefit marijuana plants.

Although they might not actually include any electronics or smart features per se, they are very beneficial in terms of allowing for air and water exchange.

Because these smart pots are made out of cloth, canvas, or fabric, they allow moisture to penetrate, therefore allowing for better moisture control of the soil. This in turn helps to prevent overwatering and root rot from occurring.

Smart or fabric pots are also quite convenient because they are also designed for portability, so you can easily move marijuana plants around. Fabric pots can be very useful, especially if you ant to produce healthy plants that have a home in a great growing medium.

3. pH Testing Pens to Grow Cannabis Indoors

When you go to water your cannabis plants, particularly if you have added nutrients into the mix, one of the most important things to do is to test for the pH level, simply known as the acidity. If the water and nutrients you are giving your cannabis plants are either too acidic or too alkaline, it can cause major problems.

Both extremely high and low acidity levels can cause a variety of issues with cannabis plants, many of which they often won’t recover from.

Therefore, getting a digital pH testing pen so you can test your water and nutrient solution every time before you give it to your plants is essential. Testing the water before you give it to your plants will allow you to avoid issues caused by either extremely high or low acidity levels. Not testing for pH is a mistake that experienced growers just don’t make anymore.

4. Sticky Pest Traps

Although not overly high tech per se, something that will come in handy when growing cannabis at home, particularly indoors, are some sticky pest traps. These are just strips covered in glue that you from the ceiling, and they attract a variety of pests. This allows for great pest control in any grow area.

These have been around for a very long time, but many cannabis growers seem to forget about them. They actually provide you with one of the simplest forms of pest control around, not to mention that they’re quite cost effective as well.

5. UV Blocking Sunglasses

The next thing you might want to invest in when growing cannabis at home are some UV ray blocking sunglasses. If you are using grow lights to grow your cannabis plants, although you’re providing them with the sunlight they need to grow, this can be harmful to your eyes. UV light in general is not good for eyes, and you certainly shouldn’t be looking into those grow lights.

However, if you’re growing a bunch of cannabis plants, chances are you’ll have to look at or into those lights from time to time, just as you are tending to your plants. Therefore, to help protect your eyes, getting some high-tech UV blocking sunglasses is certainly recommended.

6. Heat Mats

If you are growing your cannabis plants from seed, something you might want to invest in is a heating mat. Heating mats are special little plastic or fabric mats that have heating elements on the inside, along with thermostats and controls, therefore allowing them to heat up to specific temperatures.

Remember that when seeds are germinating, and when seedlings are first growing, they require a decently warm temperature, and that temperature has to remain at a steady level as well.

More often than not, ambient conditions will be too cold for germinating seats and growing seedlings, in which case a simple heating mat comes in very handy. These are usually quite affordable and provide the seedlings with just enough heat to thrive.

This BN-Link Heating Mat makes for a perfect option!

7. High-Tech Seed Starter Domes for Seedling Marijuana Plants

If you are really serious about growing high quality cannabis plants, using some high-tech seed starter domes is another possibility.

Seed starter domes usually just include a lid to keep the moisture in, but there are much more advanced models that also come with lights and sometimes even air fans. Many of these units will have lids with built in lights to provide your seedlings with the UV light they need to survive, air fans to provide them with some air flow, and a lid to keep all of the moisture in.

Not only do these high-tech seed starter domes allow you to control the environment very carefully, but they also keep pests and adverse weather on the outside. Also, check out our guide on 18 Common Cannabis Pest to Identify and Prevent.

8. Spray Pumps

Although not the most advanced item on our list today, a good spray pump is something else you might want to invest in. A spray pump consists of a container with a lid and a nozzle that dispenses various liquids in the form of a spray.

All you do is activate the pump a few times to build up pressure within the unit, and then press the trigger to release a spray of the liquid.

This allows you to effectively coat your cannabis plants in various pest control solutions, and it also allows you to easily water your plants while effectively spreading around and need nutrients or other substances you are using.

9. Garden Syringes

Another good addition to your cannabis growing arsenal is the garden syringe. This is more or less just a massive syringe with a tube on the end that you can use to suck up nutrients from nutrient bottles, while precisely measuring how much you are using.

Garden syringes like this allow you to measure out exactly how much nutrients you are providing your plants with. This much more important than some people might realize, because I have too few or too many nutrients can be extremely detrimental to the health of your plants.

As many growers know, when growing marijuana, getting those organic nutrients into your plants is so important.

10. Automatic Timers for Lights for Growing Cannabis Indoors

Yet another investment worth considering when growing cannabis at home is an automatic timer for your lights, so you can easily manage the light cycle. The reality is that in the beginning, during the vegetative state, you may choose to keep the grow lights on 24 hours per day, which is simple enough.

However, once the flowering period starts, you’ll have to provide your weed plants with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, thus requiring a different light cycle than before. This also has to be very exact, which means that the lights need to be turned on and off at roughly the exact same times every single day. Of course, this point is not relevant for growing cannabis outdoors.

Turning the lights off or on a few hours later or sooner on a daily basis can have a big impact on the overall growth of your cannabis plants. Therefore, so you don’t have to remember to turn the lights on and off every single day at a specific time, using an outlet timer that will do this for you is recommended. It just helps make life a whole lot easier. Hydroponic systems can benefit from this as well.

11. Automated Watering Systems

If you are really serious about growing cannabis at home, you may also consider using an automated watering system. These usually consist of various tubes and sprinklers that lead to each plant, a pump to move the nutrient solutions, and a reservoir for the water and nutrients.

These are then plugged in and connected to a timer, and you can set at which times of day, how often, and how many nutrients are dispersed to your plants.

This makes it really easy to water your plants because you can follow a strict schedule. Many of these units also allow you to make precise adjustments, so you can increase or decrease waterings as needed. These systems can also work for hydroponic systems. That said, this might not be feasible for small scale cannabis growers.

12. Plant Yo-Yos for the Flowering Stage

Although also not the most high-tech item on the list, plant yoyos can still come in pretty handy for growing cannabis.

Plant yoyos are almost like retractable dog leashes with hooks on the end. You attach them to the ceiling or top of the growth space, pull the hook down, and then attach the hook to a branch of your cannabis plant.

The point of these plant yoyos is to support plant branches when the buds become too heavy and start pulling those branches down.

This Vivosun Plant YoYo might be just what you need.

13. Smart Heaters and Air Conditioners

One of the most important factors to produce high yields, strong buds, and to produce plants worth harvesting is temperature. Cannabis plants require pretty specific temperatures, and they need to be stable for the duration of the growth period too.

This means that in many cases you will need to use either a heater or an air conditioner to keep the temperature at the optimal level.

Which one of these two items you need really depends on the climate you live in. Either way, you want to go for a unit that has a built-in thermostat, so it will automatically turn on and off as needed to assist the growth cycle. These are things that come in handy for both vegetative and flowering stages.

14. Smart Dehumidifiers or Humidifiers

Just like temperature plays a crucial role in the successful growth of cannabis plants, so does humidity. Cannabis plants require very specific humidity levels, because either too much or too little humidity can cause serious problems.

Therefore, depending on the climate you live in, you may need either a dehumidifier or a humidifier. However, we personally recommend going for a smart model, something that can sense the ambient humidity level in the air, and then turn on or off based on its readings.

This will allow you to accurately control the humidity levels inside of the gross space without actually having to do any of the work yourself. Remember that hot air holds onto more humidity as well, so this is something you need to think about as well. An indoor grow room absolutely needs this item!

15. Air Fans

Something else to consider purchasing for your growth space is an air fan. Although some models may not be overly high tech, this is still a piece of technology that you should get to grow cannabis. Having some air flow is essential for any growth space, because air flow allows for great temperature and humidity control.

The more air you have flowing, the better you can control temperature and humidity levels. Furthermore, airflow also produces much stronger plants. This is not unlike training your muscles at the gym.

The more air you have directed at your cannabis plants, the more they have to fight back against that air flow, therefore training their stocks and stems to become much stronger and thicker. Some good intake and exhaust fans can go a long way here, because a bit of hot air is fine, but not too much. This is perhaps one of the most important items of all to have when growing indoors, and this is true whehter you have a few plants or many.

16. A Digital Magnifier

A big part of knowing when your cannabis plants are ready to harvest has to do with examining the trichomes on the exterior of the buds. When the trichomes start turning amber or brown, it’s a sign that your plant is almost ready to harvest, something to keep a close eye on in your grow room when growing indoors.

However, seeing the exact conditions of the trichomes it can be difficult without a magnifier of sorts. Although some people may use a basic magnifying glass, this might not be enough for some. Therefore, using a digital magnifier is recommended. A digital magnifier is more or less like an at home microscope that regular people can easily use.

This way, you can examine the state of the trichomes to determine whether or not your cannabis plant is ready to harvest. This can make a big difference in terms of capturing your cannabis plant at the right time, and preventing yourself from harvesting the plant either too late or too early. It’s a great item that can tell you when your plants are near the end of their flowering stages.

17. A Liquid Transfer Pump

The next investment you might want to make when growing cannabis at home is a liquid transfer pump. A liquid transfer pump consists of a pump along with two hoses. This allows you to transfer liquid from one container into another.

For instance, if you want to make your own nutrient watering solution, and you want to accurately measure out how many nutrients you are using, you can use a liquid transfer pump to do so.

This allows you to directly transfer liquid from your nutrient bottle into your plant watering mix container. It’s not the highest tech item on the list today, but it’s certainly something that can help make your life a little easier on this front. This is something that is super useful when growing indoors.

18. Hygrometers and Thermometers

Perhaps one of the very most important items that you will require in order to grow cannabis successfully at home are hydrometers and thermometers. Hygrometers are designed to keep track of ambient humidity levels, while thermometers are designed to keep track of ambient temperatures.

Once again, cannabis plants require fairly specific temperatures and humidity levels in order to thrive. If either the temperature or the humidity is either too high or too low, it can severely impact the overall quality of your cannabis plant, and in some cases may even lead to the death of your plants.  

Therefore, investing in some relatively high-quality hygrometers and thermometers is recommended. Even better is if you invest in a smart model that will alert you when the temperature or humidity levels fall outside of a preset range. This way, you can quickly react to changing conditions before it’s too late. An indoor grow room absolutely needs this item!

19. Soil Testing Pens

We already discussed digital pH testing pens above, but here we are talking about special testing pens designed for soil. There are all kinds of soil pens and soil monitors out there, and we definitely recommend getting one for your grow operation.

These are devices that you simply stick into the soil, and most of them have the ability to keep track of a variety of parameters and factors. Even some of the most basic models should be able to track soil moisture levels, temperature levels, PH levels, and then sometimes even mineral levels.

The closer of an eye you can keep all these factors and the more control you can exert over them, the better your overall result will be. Having soil that is too moist or too dry, too basic or too acidic, or too warm or too cold can all influence how well your cannabis plants grow and what the end result is like. This is something that comes in really handy when growing marijuana indoors.

20. Airstones

Although this might be going a little bit off topic for some, if you happen to be growing your cannabis hydroponically, using some air stones will come in handy. It’s a great addition for any grow room.

Air stones are designed to provide the water with more oxygen, therefore allowing for better plant growth. However, if you are a beginner just growing cannabis at home for the first time, chances are that you’re probably not going to be using a hydroponic system.

21. High-Quality Trimming Scissors

Although not the most high-tech item on the list, there are some pretty advanced trimming scissors out there that have special coatings designed to prevent trichomes and other substances from sticking to them.

The bottom line is that when it comes time to harvest and trim your cannabis plants, you’ll be thankful to have some high-quality trimming scissors. This is something that comes in handy when growing indoors, something that experienced growers know all too well.


When all has been said and done, the simple reality is that there are plenty of high-tech devices out there that can help make your life as a cannabis grower much easier and simpler to make growing cannabis indoors as successful as possible.

Whether we are talking about air stones, pH testing equipment, grow lights with full spectrum light output, or anything in between, these are all items worth considering.

When growing indoors, whether in a grow room or a grow tent, whether we are talking about sativa strains or indica, all of the above items will come in very handy to bring those female cannabis plants to maturity.

This is not to say that if you don’t get all of the items on this list that your cannabis plants will all die, but these items can absolutely increase your overall chances of success when growing cannabis.

Fabian Raemy is an avid cannabis enthusiast and expert. He's been a part of the cannabis community in one way or another for the past 15 years. Whether cultivating or consuming, Fabian knows his cannabis inside out. In his humble opinion, there’s just nothing more rewarding than growing a great strain of marijuana and being able to take a puff of some home grown green.

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